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  1. Worst feeling when I realise I could have taken an extra day off, and everyone didn't expect me back till Monday ! 😩😩😩

  2. RT @kelcbbbbb: 7 police vans for #MzeeMohammed yet no ambulance ? Society is messed up #BlackLivesMatter #SayTheirNames

  3. RT @SkyNews: Latest scenes in Nice: French media reports say local police are treating incident as attack https://t…

  4. If @jsullivanmusic is coming to London please please ring the church bells and alarm the elders

  5. RT @_SerenaChelski: Friends: "With you being British... If Serena plays a Brit, will you support the Brit?"Me:

  6. Come on Venus! I have a lot of feels this year

  7. RT @C4Ciaran: Vote Leave HQ this morning. Who's working on the plan? (via @matthew_elliott)

  8. RT @Ken__Possible: Entire album is a JUKE!!! I love them

  9. RT @Robert___Harris: Amused to watch Brexiteer Digby Jones just now on BBC News, an unelected peer, banging on about democracy and the elite

  10. RT @tharealversace: How it feels when you light an incense 😂😂 (@fatbellybella )