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  1. RT @BussyJuice_: "My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana, You mix that neg— https://t.co/rY5UDYC1tV

  2. RT @_maleficentt: He was never with the bullshitz.

  3. RT @__glitterDICK: the laws of attraction can be unkind. or too kind. a fine line.

  4. RT @StayDaFuckMad: “I’m not black, I’m Dominican.” “I”m not black, I’m Puerto Rican.” “WHY WON’T BLACK PEOPLE SPEAK UP FOR LATINOS!" https…

  5. RT @goldenerahits: Today in 1999, Whitney Houston drops "It's Not Right But It's Okay". It peaks at #4 (US Hot 100) + goes platinum. https:…