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  1. RT @Chimichamu: Mariah's Aretha voice>>>>>> https://t.co/5bwTfyCdJP

  2. RT @penadryI: 20. when your ex calls your phone crying and apologizing https://t.co/a3H4mDQQtz

  3. @NicoThePro ah ok. Young M.A is the one who raps "OOOUUU"

  4. RT @freshalina: The year is 2046. I'm returning home from a trip to Sonic with my husband when I run into two old friends. https://t.co/jcb…

  5. RT @OhEmmeG: alicia...ALICIA.....

  6. I've literally been saying this forever... Like it makes no sense https://t.co/GN7IozR4gC

  7. RT @kyrageous: on this episode of "that's what the fuck we've been saying for years" https://t.co/uiWtVeDLd8

  8. So... Is she saying accept it only because it's the Christian thing to do? I'm confused https://t.co/YBWzBh8Wc3

  9. RT @KhadiDon: A performance for my haters. #Olympics 🏅🎖 https://t.co/p0HxGiiqFT

  10. It's so crazy how the alignment of your teeth affect your face/jawline. https://t.co/51VeWq5gMg

  11. Thank God Debbie Allen fixed that when she took over.

  12. Thank you! 😄😄😄 https://t.co/HQzO1n93JH